Welcome to Hack2.Live

Hack2.live was born into this world of bits, bytes on the 10th of July 2022 at 2300 Hrs.

It’s taken me a while to get from the ideation stage to actually deploying the website and getting everything up and running. I had been toying with the idea of a blog for more than a few years now, but kept putting it off for various reasons. I always knew i would like to have a blog to categorize all those random links, resources I collect from over the internet while giving me the opportunity to present some of those crazy ideas that might come to mind once in a while.

On a practical note it needed me to migrate from WordPress hosted on my own personal Linux servers at Linode onto a more secure, scalable and maintainable cloud based WordPress platform. I thoroughly enjoyed running my own servers at Linode, deployed WordPress on them, set up Apache, managed virtual hosts, secured the underlying infrastructure and made sure everything hummed along as it should. However, over time i found myself struggling to keep up with patches, maintenance, security, etc. It was time to give up and move to a cloud hosted WordPress platform.

I do manage around half a dozen websites (down from a dozen or so) which are a combination of sites that run for myself and some of them for friends, neighbors and colleagues. I still run my own Linux servers at Linode, but it’s time to give up all that freedom and pay someone else to manage the WordPress platform while i focused on creating and managing the content across all the websites i maintained. The little time i now have is best spent doing the things that i really love.

It’s finally here……we’ve made a start. Welcome to Hack2.live folks!!!!

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