Volunteers Needed – CoderDojo Altona North

Who Are We – CoderDojo is a global movement of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people. At CoderDojo Altona North we work with our parent / child teams on coding (Scratch, BBC micro:bit, Web Development, Python, etc.), robotics (Raspberry Pi, Arduino and BBC micro:bit based robots), electronics (BBC micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi Zero / Pico / Pi 3, etc.) including amateur radio related challenges.

Our approach to STEM education is very different from what one would see in any school. At CoderDojo Altona North our approach involves working with the individual parent / child teams and supporting them on their STEM learning journey. Every child at CoderDojo Altona North works on a suitable challenge, based on their level of understanding and area of interest. So on a weekly basis, the ~20 kids in class work on 20 different challenges, tailored to their own interest and capabilities. We do our best to keep our kids challenged with the support of our volunteers and parents.

At CoderDojo Altona North we help kids build critical life skills (logical thinking, problem solving, learning from failure, computational thinking, etc.) through coding, robotics, electronics. We run our sessions every Saturday (0900-1100) during school terms at the Altona North Public Library here in Melbourne, Australia. Check out the work we do at  http://altonanorthdojo.com or http://altonanorthdojo.com.au. We are registered both as CoderDojo Altona North and Code Club Altona North.

Volunteers are at the heart of it – CoderDojo Altona North is a volunteer run codeclub. We have been running for close to 6 years with support from volunteers here in Melbourne, Australia. We are currently looking to grow our volunteer team and bring on board enthusiastic volunteers who see value in the work we are doing and share our passion with regards to helping kids build critical life skills through working on coding, electronics, robotics related challenges. We offer suitable volunteer training and support.

If you are interested in volunteering please write to us at trevor at hack2 dot live. We would also appreciate any support you can provide us in terms of sharing this article with other colleagues, friends or groups who you think might be interested. If you are based in Melbourne, Australia, you could also help by putting up posters at your workplace or library and help us recruit volunteers – CoderDojo Altona North Volunteer Poster.

Also if you are a commercial organization and are able to support us through donating STEM learning kits (robotics or electronics kits) including donation of older hardware please do get in touch.

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