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Here’s an interesting video from Harvard Business Review by Professor Amy Gallo Professor Amy Gallo is renowned speaker and an author of a number of books including the upcoming, “Getting Along – How to work with anyone, including difficult people”.

HBR’s – Disagreeing with your boss by Prof. Amy Gallo

Here are some of the concepts, key take aways’ from the video –

If When & Where to Disagree –

  1. Weight the consequences of disagreeing v/s keeping silent
  2. Wait until you are able to present your best possible case
  3. Choose the right time and place to have the conversation

What to say :

  1. Restate the original idea
  2. Explain that you have a different opinion
  3. Ask permission to share it
  4. Find a common ground which allows you to share your ideas

How to say it:

  1. Stay calm – breathe deeply and speak slowly
  2. Stay humble and curios
  3. Stay neutral and avoid judgy adjectives
  4. Be respectful and firm

Thanks to Harvard Business Review and Prof. Amy Gallo for putting together a short but powerful piece on having difficult conversations with someone more powerful that you in the organization.

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