Parts for the Otto Biped DIY Robot

Otto is an open source DIY (Do It Yourself) programmable robot based on the Arduino Nano. If you are interested in building the Otto DIY Biped robot, you could purchase a kit from the Otto DIY website or even download the plans from the Otto DIY project website, purchase the parts from Ebay or your local electronics store, 3D print the body (using the STL files available online) and assemble the entire robot by yourself. The open source nature of the project means that you can extend the capabilities of the Otto DIY robot by adding your own sensors, additional two arms driven by servos and program the robot to do things it was never initially programmed to do.

With access to the 3D models for Otto DIY robot you always have the option to learn about 3D modelling, customize the different parts of the Otto DIY robot using your favorite 3D modelling software and then print out the parts using your own 3D printer. With easy to use 3D modelling software like TinkerCAD it’s easier than ever to get started with your 3D modelling learning journey. All you need is an internet connection and the willingness to learn. There’s tons of good learning content to be found at the TinkerCAD website including at and Youtube.

Kids at CoderDojo Altona North learn to build and program the Otto DIY robot, explore the basics of electronics, robotics and programming through the Otto DIY robot. The Otto DIY robot can be programmed using blocks or even using C.

Check out the following video to learn more about the Otto DIY robot –

Otto DIY Robot – What Can It Do
Otto DIY Robot – Programming & Controlling the robot

If you are looking to procure the parts and build the Otto DIY robot yourself, then here’s a list of parts you might consider purchasing. Please note that we do not have any affiliation with any of the Ebay suppliers listed here. The suppliers listed here for each of the parts are only for purposes of helping you work out what these parts look like, what are their technical specifications and where you might be able to source them from.

Please do your own homework, consider all your options before you invest in any of these parts. We are not responsible for any damages or loss you might incur due to purchase of the parts listed on this page.

  1. 1 x Arduino Nano ATmega328 – Ebay
  2. 1 x Arduino Nano I/O shield – Ebay
  3. 1 x USB-A to Mini-USB Cable – Ebay (Only purchase if your Arduino Nano doesn’t come with one)
  4. 1 x Ultrasound sensor HC-SR04 – Ebay
  5. 5 (1 Spare) x Tower Pro Micro servo SG90 9g – Ebay
  6. 1 x Piezo Buzzer – Ebay
  7. 6 x Female/Female Dupont Wires – Ebay
  8. 1 x HC-05 Bluetooth module – Ebay
  9. 1 x AAbattery holder – Ebay [Not compulsory, you can power it from your laptop’s USB port]
  10. 4 x AA Batteries Alkaline (must be new or have 1.5V each, purchase from your local hardware store)
  11. 1 x Micro Switch Self lock On/Off 8x8mm – Ebay
  12. 3D printed head [Print at your local Makerspace]
  13. 3D printed body [Print at your local Makerspace]
  14. 3D printed legs [Print at your local Makerspace]
  15. 3D printed feet [Print at your local Makerspace]
  16. Small Phillips screwdriver. [Grab from the toolbox at home]
  17. A spare Laptop Computer you might want to borrow from mum or dad to program the robot
  18. Scissors or pliers (Kids – Only use under supervision)

If you are looking to build the Otto DIY robot yourself and want to know if it’s for you then check out the video below –

Building the Otto DIY Robot

Here’s a list of links to get you going :

  1. Learn more about the Otto DIY project here – Otto DIY Project
  2. Purchase the entire Otto DIY kit here – Otto DIY website
  3. Access an online course that will help you build the Otto DIY robot, calibrate the servos including getting started with programming the robot –

Drop us a note at trevor at hack2 dot live if you have any questions.

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