To Find Success, Embrace What Makes You Different

Here’s an interesting TED talk by Phillip Picardi recorded at TEDxTEEN in the US where he talks about his brief journey in life. In this talk Phillip talks about the challenges he encountered as a child who knew he was gay, how his parents struggled to cope with his preferences, how he found solace in fashion and how he worked his way up the corporate ladder to build / run / grow a new digital property at Conde Nast (owner and publisher of the Vogue magazine).

According to his LinkedIn profile, Phillip Picardi is an award-winning journalist and editor, best known for his role in helping to rebrand and reinvigorate Teen Vogue. Under Picardi’s leadership, the digital audience of Teen Vogue grew from just 2 million unique visitors per month to over 12 million, making the Condé Nast title the fastest-growing women’s magazine in America for two years running. Once a glossy focused on runways and shopping, Teen Vogue became a symbol of “the resistance,” with Picardi developing editorial, video, and cover concepts that became some of the most talked about content on the internet.

Check out the video to hear his views on success and how to embrace what makes you different –

We hope you learned something new today, are able to take away some learning and inspiration from Phillip Picardi’s talk on, “To Find Success, Embrace What Makes You Different”.

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