CoderDojo Altona North Prepares For Monash Makerfaire 2022

The Monash Makerfaire is scheduled for the 4th of December 2022 from 1000 Hrs AEST to 1600 Hrs AEST and the kids, parents and volunteers from CoderDojo Altona North are going to be there. The Monash Makerfaire is organised by Monash Tech School, The City of Monash, and Monash University and will be held at Monash University’s Clayton Campus on Sunday 4 December 2022.

A Makerfaire is a convention or a gathering where makers, creators, innovators come together to celebrate innovation, creativity, making and creating. At a Makerfaire you can expect makers to showcase the projects they have been working on, participate in workshops on making and creating and learn more about the maker skills involved in some of the projects on display. Read more about the Monash Makerfaire 2022 at

The kids at CoderDojo Altona North have been working on their projects for over a term now. Most of the projects are at an advanced stage with the kids testing out their projects, getting feedback and fine tuning aspects of the design based on input, feedback obtained. The child/parent teams have put in a lot of effort into the design, build, test of their projects with the volunteer team supporting them along the way.

CoderDojo Altona North is the kids codeclub that we’ve been running for the last ~5 years with the support of our awesome team of volunteers. CoderDojo Altona North is supported by Hobsons Bay City Council. Some of these projects our kids and parent/child teams are working on include –

  1. Data Logger for the High Altitude Balloon project using the Raspberry Pi Pico and BME280
  2. Smart plant watering project with phone based notifications using the Raspberry Pi Pico
  3. Pop the balloon game for kids built using the mBot robot
  4. Robot soccer game for kids using the mBot robot
  5. Scratch & BBC micro:bit games for kids to play and interact with
  6. Home automation built using the BBC micro:bit and smart home sensors
  7. Game design using Microsoft Arcade (For the Kittenbot Meowbit)

Here’s a preview of some of the projects that the kids have been working on –

Smart Plant Watering System
The Wizard’s Hellhole
Remote Controlled Raspberry Pi Project
Dancing Robots
Dancing Arduino Biped Robot
Home Automation using BBC micro:bit
Raspberry Pi Pico based Smart Plant Watering System

So please drop by at the CoderDojo Altona North stall, meet the kids, see the projects in action and drop in a word of encouragement. Am sure they will be glad to show off their creations.

In addition to CoderDojo Altona North i run the following two groups supported by my awesome team of volunteers –

  1. Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group
  2. EMDRC High Altitude Balloon group

The Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group (MRPMG) which meets once a month is a group of makers, creators, innovators with interests in electronics, robotics, IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, general making and creating. We are putting together a list of projects for the Monash Makerfaire which includes –

  1. Interactive musical plants
  2. An IoT solution based on the Raspberry Pi
  3. Monitoring of an RV (Recreational Vehicle) using ESP and sensors (IoT Project)
  4. Dobby, an interactive exhibit
  5. Raspberry Pi based Payload for the High Altitude Balloon Project

Read more about the Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group at

Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club – The third volunteer group that i run is the EMDRC High Altitude Balloon group. EMDRC or the Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club is one of Melbourne’s oldest Amateur Radio clubs and along with Amateur Radio has interests in ARDF (Direction Finding), Satellite Tracking including launch & retrieval of Weather Balloons. The EMDRC stall will include the following exhibits –

  1. Amateur Radio Direction Finding Sport
  2. VHF & UHF Radio Stations
  3. Amateur Radio in the Digital World
  4. High Altitude Balloon Initiative

Learn more about the EMDRC at the following link

So drop by on the 4th of December 2022 from 1000 Hrs AEST to 1600 Hrs AEST at the Monash Makerfaire and say hi. Check out the kids projects at CoderDojo Altona North, interact with the Raspberry Pi based projects at Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group stall and learn more about our High Altitude Balloon initiative at the EMDRC stall.

Drop us a note at trevor at hack2 dot live if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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