High Altitude Balloons and ABC Radio Melbourne

Thanks to Andrew VK3BQ we were given the opportunity to chat with Ali Moore on the Morning Show on 14th of Feb 2023. Andrew VK3BQ connected me with the producers of the show on the 13th, soon after the producer reached out and confirmed that they were keen to chat to us about High Altitude Ballooning. I made it very clear to them that i wouldn’t be answering any questions about the Chinese Balloons being shot down over the US. From what he was telling me it seemed there’s been a lot of interest in High Altitude Balloons (in general) thanks to the Chinese Spy Balloons being shot down by the Americans over these last few weeks and all of that activity making headlines around the world.

Ali Moore the host of the show did amazingly well during the interview. I wasn’t really sure about the nature of questions that i would get asked but very soon it was clear to me that Ali had done her research and was genuinely interested in getting to know more about High Altitude Ballooning while giving her audience a good understanding of what STEM learning opportunities the hobby had to offer.

This seems to a picture taken on our second launch at Ararat, Nov 2022

Here’s a view of the article at the ABC website (image). Am thankful to Andrew VK3BQ for linking us up with the ABC producers, to ABC Melbourne for the opportunity to chat to them and share our love of Amateur Radio, High Altitude Ballooning including the STEM learning opportunities it offering and most importantly to the leadership team at EMDRC for the support they’ve extended to us over the years.

You can access the article at the ABC website here – <ABC Radio Melbourne>

You can download the article here – <Click to download Zip file>

You can hear the audio transcript of the interview here – <Click to download MP3> (Thanks to Andrew VK3BQ)

If all of this talk about High Altitude Ballooning has got you excited and you are keen to be part of the next High-Altitude Balloon launch then please join us on discord (Chat server) at https://discord.gg/4FkrKJeNt5. Learn more about High Altitude Ballooning and the learning opportunities it offers at https://hack2.live/high-altitude-ballooning/

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