The Art Of Listening

Listening is hard, to really listen is harder. Once you’ve seen the short videos by Simon Senek and Prof. Amy Gally (Harvard Business Review) you will have a better appreciation of how we all make it so hard for ourselves to truly listen to others. I don’t know about others but talking about myself i know very well that I have to work very hard not to analyze what the other person is saying, not to judge the other person, not to barge in because i do not agree with their position, their views or their actions and work very hard to give them the space they need.

Life on projects is hard, delivery pressures are high, schedules are really tight and you are trying your best to deliver the outcomes promised while ensuring that you keep your people (and your client) happy. Here’s a few videos that should get you thinking about how we all listen and what we all can do to become better listeners.

Simon Senek – The Art of Listening
The Art of Active Listening – Prof. Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review
The Power of Listening by William Ury

These are my own personal views, not that of my current or past employers and any omissions or mistakes are my own. Please feel free to drop my a note at trevor at hack2 dot live.

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