STEM Learning Opportunities Presented By High Altitude Ballooning

Easy to consume, hard to create – I would argue that it’s relatively easy to consume technology, however creating technology takes some effort, creativity, thinking, persistence, experience and patience. The reality is in today’s high tech, fast paced world STEM competes for kids/parents attention along with many other hobbies, opportunities e.g. soccer, cricket, Aussie rules football (footy), swimming, video games, etc. It’s tough because there’s so many different options for parents/kids to choose from, with a lot of community clubs / commercial organizations promoting other non STEM activities, while STEM learning options are generally quite expensive, relatively hard to find.

The reality is STEM will always be up against all the other hobbies out there and we have do whatever we can to make STEM appealing to the younger audience, showcase STEM for its strengths and how STEM might be the answer to at-least some of those kids who are keen to build life skills through investing time, energy, effort in STEM related activities.

High Altitude Ballooning is a serious STEM contender – I strongly believe High Altitude Ballooning offers kids of all ages, including parents a great opportunity to get involved with STEM through real world, hands on experiments. High Altitude Ballooning offers you the opportunity to get involved through indulging in electronics, amateur radio, programming, building, making & creating, etc. including logistics and planning.

Gone of the days when you had to involve yourself with loads of theory before you could get your hands dirty with the real thing and perform some real world experiments. With High Altitude Ballooning is quite the other way, you start off by getting your hands dirty with real world activities. High Altitude Ballooning allows you to participate in a number of different launch prep, launch tasks including payload chase and recovery.

If you have kids or if the child inside you is looking for ways to get involved in real world science, electronics, making/creating experiments then look no further, High Altitude Ballooning might be just want the doctor ordered. Feel free to share the presentation, re-use content but link back to the original author.

See link to the presentation – High Altitude Ballooning & STEM Learning Opportunities for Kids of All Ages. Drop me a note at trevor at hack2 dot live if you have any questions.

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