Featured within Issue #128 of MagPi – Raspberry Magazine

I have to admit, i had written to Rob Zwetloot at the Raspberry Pi foundation to get an article about High Altitude Ballooning published, however that somehow turned around into a request for an interview. It seems that the Raspberry Pi Foundation has stopped accepting content written by others, don’t really know the rationale behind it, am sure there’s a good reason for doing that.

So we did an interview with the Pi Foundation, Rob was great to work with. He sent through a list of questions over email which i answered and sent back. I also sent through pictures for a few of our events which he could use for the post. I thought this would feature as a small post within the Raspberry Pi Magazine i.e. Magpi, which it did. However, it also featured as a post at the Raspberry Pi website.

I will never hesitate to admit that we always stand on the shoulder of giants, whatever we accomplish is based on the work others have done before us. So individually taking credit for all the work that’s been done is terribly unfair. Our community organizations can only run because of the amazing work that our volunteers do, including the support we receive from our local councils, parents, kids.

It is a real privilege to serve the maker community here in Australia. It’s also a great opportunity to help build foundational STEM capability, do grass roots work across our communities and help build volunteer organizations across Victoria that offer STEM learning services across the community.

A big thanks to all our communities, our local councils and the kids, parents, makers, creators who support us every step of the way.

There’s a more detailed article featured within Issue #128 of MagPi – Raspberry Pi Magazine.

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