Systems Performance Engineering

SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) Body of Knowledge (BoK) – For ~10 years i worked in a niche space called Systems Performance Engineering, helping large organizations around the world design, build and test large complex systems with a focus on performance, scalability, reliability and availability. Performance engineering is a specialty systems engineering discipline that applies scientific, mathematical, engineering, and measurement concepts, principles, and methods to deliver a system that meets its non-functional requirements.

To consolidate all that experience and knowledge i gained over the years i ended up putting together a Body Of Knowledge (BoK) on Systems Performance Engineering (SPE) which is now accessible for free at

SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) Fundamentals by Dr. Rajesh Mansharamani : The common methodology to engineer IT systems for performance is to wait for production rollout and then tune the systems and add capacity over time. More mature enterprises do several rounds of performance testing and tuning before production rollout. In reality performance is one of the most important non-functional aspects of system implementation that should be addressed right from requirements gathering and analysis. Just like there is a well-defined software development lifecycle (SDLC) in the IT industry today, there needs to be a well-defined performance engineering lifecycle that goes hand in hand with the SDLC.

This course walks through the Performance Engineering Lifecycle (PLC) and covers the essence of it through a number of examples. We cover simple performance models, real life performance engineering, tools, techniques, processes, and analysis to introduce the PLC to beginners in performance engineering. This course applies to one and all in the IT implementation lifecycle, be it program and project managers, requirements analysts, technical architects, developers and development leads, testers and test leads, infrastructure leads and administrators.

This course has been put together by Dr. Rajesh Mansharamani who also owns the copyright to the content. Access the course here – <Link to video tutorials>.

Performance Modelling Fundamentals by Dr. Rajesh Mansharamani : Elementary Performance Modeling introduces the concepts of Performance Modeling from a practitioners standpoint. It delves on the basic laws required to model system performance using analytical (mathematical) techniques. These video tutorials cover introduction to Operational Theory, Little’s Law and Bottleneck Law with examples applied to a large systems benchmark. At the end of this tutorial the student should have a good understanding of how to build simple analytical models to describe the behavior of a system.

This course has been put together by Dr. Rajesh Mansharamani who also owns the copyright to the content. Access the course here – <Link to video tutorials>.

Systems Performance Engineering (SPE) Process Fundamentals : In this course we cover various fundamental concepts related to Systems Performance Engineering (SPE) across the Development Life Cycle. The course intends to provide a summary of some of the critical processes within Systems Performance Engineering. The intention here isn’t to go into infinite detail but rather provide the reader an overview of the various disciplines Systems Performance Engineering (SPE) covers including a high level view of the associated processes, activities and deliverables.

Access the course here – <Link to the video tutorials>.